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Outlook 2003 Process Hung on Exit

Not sure how many folks are having this problem but I've been having it on several machines all running Outlook 2003 - both non-Exchange & IMAP/POP access machines.

Lately it seems to be getting worse now that I've added the 2.5 version of Newsgator.  So today I did a search and found that fortunately (I hate to be alone) I'm not the only one with this problem.  That makes me feel better emotionally, but crap, Outlook just wont DIE!!!

So, found this post that basically says you need to close outlook from the "File, Exit..." menu item instead of using the Window Frame "X" icon.  Can this be true?  A product put out by Microsoft used my millions programmed in a way that a simple oversight in coding would screw up so many?

I haven't fully tested the "File, Exit" path yet, but I'll report back.  I did find some interesting utilities on that post (and other blogs referring to one of the utilities "Knockout".)

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