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April 2006 - Posts

WinForms to the Web - AJAX style - now Open Source - Visual WebGui Platform

This is a compelling platform, if it works, and it’s now going open source in hope of garnering a greater number of developers contributing and using.  The same folks built a DotNetNuke ("DNN") administration console based upon this. 

WinForms Over Web (the WOW model) is a revolutionary development & deployment platform made possible by a unique, patented, server based RIA paradigm. The WOW model enables development of rich web applications with WinForms functionality and interactivity using Visual Studio's rich design, coding and debugging features. The technology extends the .NET object model to incorporate AJAX aware WinForms GUI components that are delivered to the browser via Visual WebGui's Empty Client. Visual WebGui's Empty Client approach is similar to Server Based Computing (SBC) models meaning the AJAX client only handles the rendering of the viewable GUI while the server handles the rest. The result is an extremely secure web application with a bandwidth footprint only 1/100th of comparable AJAX/RIA solutions.

Visual WebGui Platform > Home ( DNN 3.1.1 ).

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Download details: Microsoft ActiveX Analyzer Tool

Here’s a tool that will help out those webmasters that haven’t updated their pages to conform to the mandated change to IE’s handling of Object tags.  Mind you that the plaintiff in this could care less that they’ve only hurt webmasters and users in this silly patent suit. 

The ActiveX Analyzer Tool is designed to scan for and identify object, applet, and embed tags in code. The utility will output the complete file path, line number, and literal script that the tag(s) reside in so that the user can easily open the file and locate the code. Also, a total count of matches will be displayed to the user.

For more information about inactive objects in Internet Explorer, please
click here

For information on activating objects in Internet Explorer, please see the MSDN article

Download details: Microsoft ActiveX Analyzer Tool.

Good example of application that leverages WinFX (WPF - aka Avalon)

Here’s a good example of great use of what’s to come in WinFX (part of Vista; add-on to XP/2003).  It’s an application that provides online/offline access to NY Times online.  Not only using WPF, but WCF (I think) for synchronization.

The New York Times to Enhance Online and Offline Reading Experience With Times Reader: New application uses Microsoft software to benefit readers..

A terrabyte of storage for the home - no big deal anymore

It’s amazing how much storage you can have for relatively inexpensive cost with these new perpendicular storage drives.  I’m thinking how I paid just as much for 10 MBs (that’s megabytes) that I can now get 75,000 times as much storage back around 1987.  Wow, that’s a long time ago.

Seagate Technology News Release Seagate Expands Desktop Hard Drive Lead with 750GB Monster Built on Perpendicular Recording Technology.

With the introduction of Barracuda 7200.10 family, Seagate now leverages perpendicular recording technology across its desktop, notebook, enterprise, consumer electronics and retail hard drives




NDepend has really been spiffed up!!

NDepend has been around for a while.  The author of the tool has really done a great job with the 2.0 (in beta now) release.  Very cool looking graphs, navigation panel, and query capabilities. 

If you’ve ever had to take someone elses crap code and need to figure out what’s going on, this is definitely a great aid.

How does NDepend help me have a better understanding and control over my .NET code?

NDepend analyses .NET assemblies of an application and generates reports containing design quality metrics, warnings and diagrams. More on reports in the Sample Reports section.

The VisualNDepend tool allows analysing all these data thanks to an interactive view. Such view can be tuned according to numerous software metrics. Here are some screenshots of VisualNDepend. The sample analyzed application is the 15 main assemblies of the .NET Framework 2.0 (2.8M IL instructions):


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Agile and the Jelling of Teams - Reminiscient of Peopleware

Only Passionate People Win : Make sure your team is jelled before starting Agile.

This post is reminiscent of what the book Peopleware : Productive Projects and Teams emphasizes, and this goes back 7+ years with this edition (I don’t know when the 1st edition was published).

Team dynamics is the foundation of longterm success.  Sure on short projects you can beat the hell out of people to get it done; but, if you looking for something beyond that, you won’t get it unless you have a well jelled team.

Demarco and Lister to me set the foundation for human oriented methods of managing software projects, people, and teams.  I was given this book back when I worked for a company in NYC called MicroModeling – which became Plural, then swallowed up by Dell, then finally this year shut completely.

To many leaders, including those in my current organization, don’t have a clue on how to jell teams and wring success from average resources.  I strongly suggest getting a copy, at least for the informational aspect.

If you’ve heard of Joel Spolsky (Joel on Software), you can also read his review on Amazon of Peopleware.

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Why Limited NY/NJ Metro Code Camps

Code Camp Schedule.

For being the most populated region in the country, it never ceases to amaze me the limited communal aspect of developers and things like code camps.  It seems as if the NY/NJ metro region falls short in both hosting and providing .NET related conferences, etc.

Honestly, coming from the state where the light bulb was invented, AT&T labs, and all the high-tech over the years, It’s amazing.

It’s time to start looking to move….  Preferably to a warmer climate.


Team System : Cliff's Notes for a Team System Install
The first thing to install is Team Foundation Server. It's a little involved, so take a quick look at the Team Foundation Install Guide first. It's a lot of text. Okay, it's too much text. Don't you wish you had the Cliff's Notes for the TFS install?

Team System : Cliff's Notes for a Team System Install.

Cool new IIS7 Features and APIs

Cool new IIS7 Features and APIs.

Don’t run production ASP.NET Applications with debug=”true” enabled

Don’t run production ASP.NET Applications with debug=”true” enabled.

Doing so causes a number of non-optimal things to happen including:


1) The compilation of ASP.NET pages takes longer (since some batch optimizations are disabled)

2) Code can execute slower (since some additional debug paths are enabled)

3) Much more memory is used within the application at runtime

4) Scripts and images downloaded from the WebResources.axd handler are not cached



The override:



          <deployment retail=”true”/>




Really good pointer on disabling debug on ASP.NET compiliation so there is no unecessary PDB file generation.

Today my hosting serve went down because it ran out of disk space on the C: drive.  Turns out, all my sites have the element <compilation debug=”true” /> option set.  So, if I have it set, good chance most other sites on the shared box have it set.

So, PDB files are being generated, but never used.  These files can be 5x size of the generated DLL’s.


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Some ATLAS resources - Rick Strahl's WebLog

Some ATLAS resources - Rick Strahl's WebLog.

Nice list of resource/links/samples, etc. for ATLAS (MSFT’s AJAX framework for .NET 2.0).

Now, Rick’s in Hawaii – honestly can’t see how anyone in Hawaii would find the time to do anything inside.

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Used Cisco - Used Cisco Hardware

Used Cisco - Used Cisco Hardware.

Cool, a place to get used Cisco routers and other equipment.  Why do I need this?

Great list of Freeware / Utilities ... 450+ common problems solved : eConsultant

I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved : eConsultant.

This is a great list of valuable free tools from PDF generation, screen capture, HTML editors, File Management, etc.


Bunch of New SQL Server 2005 Downloads including SP1

The first SP for SQL 2005 is here along with a bunch of add-on tools mostly focused on the express version.  So, for those IT folks that state “I never install any MSFT product until the first SP is out” – well it’s out.  Time to sh&^t or get off the pot.

SQL Server 2005 SP1

Readme Files for SQL Server 2005 SP1 and SQL Server 2005 SP1 Express Editions and Tools

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services (SQL Server Express) is a new, free, easy-to-use version of SQL Server Express that includes a new graphical management tool and powerful features for reporting and advanced text-based searches. SQL Server Express provides powerful and reliable data management tools and rich features, data protection, and fast performance. It is ideal for embedded application clients, light Web applications, and local data stores.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Toolkit

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Toolkit (SQL Server Express Toolkit) provides additional tools and resources for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. The SQL Server Express Toolkit contains SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express, a graphical management tool, and Business Intelligence Development Studio, a creation and editing environment for reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) is a free, easy-to-use graphical management tool for managing SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. SSMSE can also manage instances of the SQL Server Database Engine created by any edition of SQL Server 2005.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor analyzes instances of SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 in preparation for upgrading to SQL Server 2005. Upgrade Advisor identifies feature and configuration changes that might affect your upgrade, and it provides links to documentation that describes each identified issue and how to resolve it.

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Browser Based AJAX SQL Designer

WWW SQL Designer.

Very cool Web based SQL Designer that leverages AJAX for the UI.  Very impressive tool that is helping make me an even bigger believer in what AJAX can do for web based UI.

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