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August 2006 - Posts

Just Vista Capable? Why not Vista Premium?

Choose an Inspiron Notebook.

This is disappointing.  Been waiting for the Merom (Core 2 Duo for Notebooks) to come out and Dell has em.  Only problem is they’re not Vista Premium (full Aero experience).

I don’t get it.  You put all that power into a machine and it’s not possible to qualify as Vista Premium?  I think this is a typo or they just don’t have their marketing together.  The machine that I looked at has a 256MB ATI card (which is actually part of AMD now).  Aero should live with 128MB ….

Again, I’m waiting…  Let’s see what Toshiba comes out with…

SQL Dependancy Cache Support with 2005

With SQL 2005 & ASP.NET 2.0 Microsoft added a great feature that provides a non-polling cache invalidation mechanism.  Then there’s the non-polling capability too.

Generally, with the polling method, you need to run a few setup steps to extend the table you’ll be polling with a trigger.  Then, the framework itself, using configuration file settings polls the table (stub table not the original) for changes.

However, with SQL 2005, the framework leverages Service Broker and notification to a subscribed .NET listener. 

So, I’m setting up some demos and by default using Windows Integrated authentication.  First, I’m using a notebook that’s part of a domain that I’m not currently logged onto nor have access to (long story there, but it’s time to rebuild that notebook).

With that I run into all sorts of authorization issues about not finding security information for the user, etc, etc. blah, blah.

So, easy fix, just switch the connection string from using integrated to good old SQL Server authentication with the ‘sa’ account.  Now, I’m not suggesting this is the “production” way, nor that it doesn’t work with a windows principal, it’s just making my life easier by not having to step through a bunch of configuration steps that are documented.



Toshiba MP3 Filing.

OET List Exhibits Report.

Well, it’s coming zune…

Cool feature called “DJ” – you can send music realtime to up to 4 or 5 devices for immediate play.  Also confirms WiFi configuration, etc.



CodeSnippet for Press Return to continue..

I’ve been writing up some simple console demo applications and it’s times like these that code snippets come in handy.  The following is a code snippet that just puts in a simple 2 line block that is as follows: 

Console.WriteLine("Press <Enter> to continue...");



The code snippet source is as follows and just placed into the \My Snippets folder (also Snippet Code)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <CodeSnippets xmlns=""> <CodeSnippet Format="1.0.0">
<Title>pakc</Title> <Shortcut>pakc</Shortcut>
<Description>Press any key to continue code block</Description>
<Author>Shawn Cicoria</Author>
<SnippetTypes> <SnippetType>Expansion</SnippetType>
</Header> <Snippet>
<Literal Editable="false">
<ID>SystemConsole</ID> <Function>SimpleTypeName(global::System.Console)</Function>
</Literal> <Literal>
<ToolTip>Enter the message</ToolTip> <Default>"Press &lt;Enter&gt; to continue..."</Default>
<Type>String</Type> </Literal>
<Code Language="csharp"> <![CDATA[$SystemConsole$.WriteLine($msg$); $SystemConsole$.ReadLine();]]> </Code>
</CodeSnippet> </CodeSnippets>
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Microsoft Live Introduces Blogging Tool

I've been using BlogJet for some time, but today Microsoft (Live team) released Windows Live Writer.  This is the first post with that tool.  We'll see how it goes :)

Noticed a few initial issues:

1. Ftp just doesn't work on my connection

2. Can't seem to do a cross post/group post as it's called in Blogjet.

3. Whenever editing, or when done with a post, it strips out the hostname when it does an IE start to the home page:  for example:   becomes  http:///cs1/.....

so, a few annoying "beta" things.

Consuming RSS From a WCF service using POX encoding and a WPF Client

In the continued interest of those working with POX (Plain Old XML over Http), here’s an article in the Windows SDK “Beta” documentation on how to read RSS via WCF, with code.

Beware that the link may change as the SDK get’s to RTM, but if you search the SDK documentation for the text “RSS WCF POX” you should come up with the link/code.

Consuming RSS From a WCF service using POX encoding and a WPF Client.

FIOS Is here!!!

Today, the Verizon installer got FIOS up & running at my home.  So far, for $35/month (compared to $50/mo. with my previous provider) the upstream is right @ 10Mbit/sec and downstream 1.9Mbit/sec.  This is about a 25% increase compared to my previous provider.

Now, I may have had better throughput with the old provider if I had upgraded my Cable Modem to a DOCSIS 2.0 version.  I had an old SB4100 that’s been around for 5+ years.  Could’ve been the bottleneck.  Don’t know, and don’t care at this point.

Later in the year Verizion is supposed to offer Digital TV over the same fiber.  Currently both Voice & Data are running on the fiber and I have to admit compared to the copper connection, this one’s crystal clear.

POX - Plain old Xml in WCF

For those of you working with simple Xml over Http services, WCF has support for what’s called POX (Plain Old Xml) as part of the July CTP.

This question comes up many times when I talk to both architects and developers.  Many point to the fact that they either have very simple services running for some time or all they need is an Xml payload to be serviced on a request/response exchange pattern over Http.

With WCF and POX support, you now have the ability to work with that pattern either with legacy of future services, but also get you the productivity features of .NET, WCF, and VS.NET.  That is, “dot” member access to de-serialized objects with the framework itself handling transport and serialization needs, not to mention all the WCF capabilities that come with future incarnations of your services if you decide to move to more robust capabilities such as reliable, transactions, addressing, or security policy along with the clear abstraction of your service and transport. » Blog Archive » Washing the SOAP from Messages.

Sandcastle Document Generation for .NET - NDoc is no more...

NDoc has gone legacy.  Sandcastle is here to pick up for .NET 2.0

Download details: Sandcastle.

Running UNIX applications on Windows...

uwin/ mm document.

The UWIN package allows UNIX applications to be built and run on Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 with few, if any, changes necessary. UWIN source and binaries are available under the open source Common Public License 1.0 at AT&T AST/UWIN open source downloads.

UWIN contains:

  • Libraries that emulate a UNIX environment by implementing the UNIX Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Include files and development tools such as cc(1), yacc(1), lex(1), and make(1).
  • ksh(1) (the Korn Shell) and over 250 utilities such as ls(1), sed(1), cp(1), stty(1), etc.

Most of the UNIX API is implemented by the POSIX.DLL dynamically loaded (shared) library. Programs linked with POSIX.DLL run under the WIN32 subsystem instead of the POSIX subsystem, so programs can freely intermix UNIX and WIN32 library calls. A cc(1) command is provided to compile and link programs for UWIN on Windows using traditional UNIX build tools such as make(1). The cc(1) command is a front end the the underlying compiler that performs the actual compilation and linking. It can be used with the Microsoft Visual C/C++ 5.X compiler, the Visual C/C++ 6.X compiler, the Visual C/C++ 7.X compiler, the Digital Mars C/C++ compiler, compiler, the Borland C/C++ compiler, and the Mingw compiler. The GNU compiler and development tools are also available for download to UWIN.

Kirk Allen Evans' Blog : Why Can't I Find a List of Zip Codes, Cities, and States?

Kirk Allen Evans' Blog : Why Can't I Find a List of Zip Codes, Cities, and States?.

Kirk, who’s part of the team that I just joined @ Microsoft (that’s another story…) has a post on Zip Code lookup and interaction. 

There’s a number of comments on how to get the data and a few good pointers:

The last one, looks quite cool and would be far more useful outside of just a zip code lookup – mapping particularly.

One that is missing, and yes, this is a direct competitor to Microsoft is the Google Maps API here


Microsoft Codename Max

Microsoft Codename Max.

This just showed up…

Microsoft® Codename Max is your opportunity to try a new, exciting and constantly evolving experience from Microsoft. Today Max lets you make beautiful photo slideshows to share with your family and friends. And it recently began showing you the latest news updates from around the world. What will Max do next? Stay tuned!