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Taking advantage of Windows Azure CDN and Dynamic Pages in ASP.NET - Caching content from hosted services
With the updates to Windows Azure CDN announced this week [ 1 ] I wanted to help illustrate the capability with a working sample that will serve up dynamic content from an ASP.NET site hosted in a WebRole. First, to get a good overview of the capability...
ASP.NET MVC3, WebMatrix, NuGet, SQL Compact 4–all released…
Along with the release of WebMatrix announced here.. A slew of dependencies were released as well.  If you download WebMatrix, it will install these dependencies...
Posted: 01-13-2011 8:49 AM by cicorias | with no comments
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Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold
How many of us cut our teeth with a Petzold book on Windows?  Gee, I still have an OS/2 book on Presentation Manager from Mr. Petzold – pre-warp. Well, MS Press has released his latest book in XPS/PDF form, along with the samples up on the MS Press...
Posted: 11-09-2010 7:37 AM by cicorias | with no comments
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Making Web Client requests behave from .NET or in reality misbehave – ignoring Certificate Issues from HttpWebRequest
Many times, especially during development, you could have certificates that are out of date, aren’t singed by any real authority (makecert, etc.), or even don’t match the host name that the request is issued against, but you want to test, etc. One example...
View Engine Razor – MVC 3 preview – and how to get it in WebMatrix…
WebMatrix is back – sort of.  There used to be Web Matrix in the early days of ASP.NET.  Now, it’s back again, and it’s ready with some of the upcoming preview capabilities coming out – such as a view engine called Razor. ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview...
Posted: 07-28-2010 8:46 AM by cicorias | with no comments
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