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Getting the MVC3 assemblies as part of your Windows Azure deployment
There have been several techniques that have been posted on getting the MVC3 reference assemblies deployed as part of your Windows Azure Solution. This is something I learned today is in Visual...
Posted: 04-15-2011 6:11 AM by cicorias | with no comments
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Taking advantage of Windows Azure CDN and Dynamic Pages in ASP.NET - Caching content from hosted services
With the updates to Windows Azure CDN announced this week [ 1 ] I wanted to help illustrate the capability with a working sample that will serve up dynamic content from an ASP.NET site hosted in a WebRole. First, to get a good overview of the capability...
Running Jetty under Windows Azure Using RoleEntryPoint in a Worker Role
This post is built upon the work of Mario Kosmiskas and David C. Chou’s prior postings – from here:
Posted: 03-03-2011 4:34 PM by cicorias | with no comments
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