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HACK: Forcing FBA Token Refresh against SPClaimProvider with No Credential Challenge
The approach takes advantage of the SP 2010 OOB Session Token handler and FBA claims provider implementation that during a period of token lifetime, if there is activity during the period of time that can be defined as "EW" in the image in the...
Welcomed Addition to the WIF Family–SAML-P WIF Extension CTP
This is a very nice addition and will make development across the various WebSSO protocols that much easier. Announcing the WIF Extension for SAML 2.0 Protocol Community Technology Preview! - Claims-Based Identity Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Posted: 05-16-2011 4:11 PM by cicorias | with no comments
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SAML Request / Response decoding.
When you’re working with Web SSO integration, sometimes it’s helpful to be able to decode the tokens that get passed around via the browser from the various participants in the trust – RP, STS, etc. With SAML tokens, sometimes they’re simply base64 encoded...
Posted: 01-29-2011 5:59 AM by cicorias | with no comments
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ADFS v2 Rules Language–Great Short Video     An Introduction to the Claim Rule Language Watch this video to see Stuart Kwan (Group PM for the Federated Identity product team at Microsoft) introduce the...
Posted: 01-07-2011 1:33 PM by cicorias | with no comments
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Federation Metadata Generation Tool
Disclaimer: Use at your own risk – no warranties are granted or implied If you’ve worked with Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) without the help of ADFS 2.0, you’ll run into situations where you’ll need to potentially generate or regenerate the metadata...